Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Subbed today in first grade at a school in Cordelia.  The teacher was so organized and left me a script. The classroom looked like one in an education text book, and it had great flow.  The kids were cute and very well behaved.  All i had to do was make the quiet coyote sign with my fingers and they became silent.  I kept making the sign, and they kept being quiet.  It was a game.  

The school is twenty years old, but is more modern than other schools I've been to.  It has a courtyard surrounded by two stories of classrooms. The steps become an amphitheater, and the playground has cushioned floors.  

We accomplished everything we were supposed to, except for a couple of math worksheets. They were the new common core type of problems, and none of us understood them.  I hate text book publishing companies because they drive all this stupid education stuff. This teacher never sits down.  I was moving around for six hours straight.  

Richard had a few people in for dinner. He made the Momofuku pork I tried to make earlier this year. It was amazing, fork tender and oh so savory.  The salted pork shoulder is also rubbed in brown sugar and cooked for several hours at a low temperature, and then he turned the temperature up to get a crust on it.  He served it with tortillas, onion relish, kimchee, and delicious asian green beans.  For dessert, he served homemade jack fruit ice cream, which i had never tasted before. It was lovely.  

The conversation was dreamlike, with people talking and saying words i didn't recognize. The full moon hung over the house, as i walked to my car.  

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