Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Thought i was working this morning, but woke at 5:30 to find out the job at Tolinas had been cancelled.  Took it as another sign to write more.  I drove back out to the Napa Public Library, stopping first at the Buttercream Bakery and Diner for breakfast.

I am doing a very good job staying on the road leading toward the light. Sometimes, like this morning, it is as simple as making a sudden U-turn in traffic.

Had another moment of joy today when i realized i am the only one who can do for me.  I used to think that someone or something else was going to tame me, rein me in, make me more reliable.  It is all up to me.

The day is grey, rainy and foggy. But this afternoon, the sun came out and i saw another rainbow.

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