Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today was my first of at least four days in a second/third grade split classroom at Crescent Elementary. The teacher had an appendectomy on Saturday.  Good thing I was up and out early.  Siri led me to the wrong destination, a middle school six miles away.

I got to the school with minutes to spare.  The other teacher asked me if I was available for next week, as well.  I said to ask me on Thursday, when I'd have a better idea of how my body was holding up.  

This school is so beautifully organized. And so is this teacher.  These kids did centers, with parent helpers, and it ran so smoothly.  They also did research on pill bugs, and made slides about them on their chrome books.  

After school, I drove to Mare Island, and spread my blanket under the trees by St. Peter's chapel.

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