Saturday, February 27, 2016

Went to Moschetti this morning for coffee.  After some caffeine, I took my phone to a computer repair guy in Vallejo, who looked at it and said there was no reason for it not to be working, even though it had been dropped.  He didn't charge me and told me to take it to an Apple store to be replaced.  So i drove to Marin County, to the Genius Bar, and, sure enough, they replaced it.  

The ride over was gorgeous. I passed San Quentin, and drove through more rolling hills, like you would see in England and Scotland.  

Chelsea came home. Her ship is in drydock in San Francisco, so Chris picked her up and we all had dinner at Ann and Doug's house.  Doug grilled steak and ribs, and Ann made garlic mashed potatoes and salad.  I ate voraciously, enjoying every morsel, and managed to find room for Nancy's amazing brownies.  What makes them so delicious is the layer of peanut butter spread on the brownies before she puts on a layer of chocolate frosting.  

Every time I have dinner at the Slaydons' house, I end up with a new favorite meal.  

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