Friday, February 12, 2016

Worked at Tolinas Elementary for part of the day, where I began this week.  I was assigned the resource room.  Rob Oldham is one of two resource room teachers, and he was there, and in charge today. I love his attitude about kids who come to the resource room.  Since it is the day before Valentines Day, there were not many students.  They stayed in their classrooms for the parties.

Rob told me that, as a child, he was a kinesthetic learner.  Over time, he became very oppositional and defiant, because our public education system is set up for sedentary, passive learning.  He has real empathy for students, and understands that children cannot learn unless they trust you.  They cannot trust you if you are not friendly.  Kids know the real deal.

All classrooms should be safe, compassionate places.  Grown ups need to set a kind and friendly tone, and children will follow their good example.  

At the end of yesterday, one of the little boys at Laurel Creek, Wyatt, said, "I don't want to be mean to my teacher, but I really do like you."  I assured him that he could like me and not be disloyal to his teacher.  How sweet is that?

I've been requested to go back to Crescent Elementary for at least four days.  They said really nice things about my class room management, so how can i refuse?

Took the long way home, through the lush, green hills of Napa.  

It is a good feeling going into the weekend, knowing I have four days of employment next week.  

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