Sunday, February 14, 2016

Yesterday was gorgeous. Started the morning off at the coffee tasting at Moschetti Coffee Roasters with the Barak Obama blend. Got a bag to carry us through the week. Talked to several community activists about the threatened concrete plant for Vallejo.  Apparently, certain people in Vallejo think it would be a good way to bring jobs to this area.  This faction thinks the artists, who are predominately against the concrete plant, are big flakes who don't understand financial development.  

The artists are the ones who should be thanked for getting Vallejo back to this place of viability. They say yes to jobs, but be smart about what kind of jobs.  

These concrete plant jobs would be at the cost of the local environment, which has been struggling to recuperate from all of the toxic waste leftovers from Mare Island, the decommissioned naval base. With the concrete plant, Vallejo could end up like Youngstown, Ohio, who made a deal with the devil.  After the steel industry up and left the people of Mahoning County totally screwed, the area was so desperate for any kind of financial growth that they made all kinds of sweetheart deals with a for-profit prison corporation.  Youngstown is still depressed.  

Doug Slaydon, Nancy's brother-in-law, turned 60, and his wife, Ann, Nancy's twin sister, threw a really fun party for him at the Swiss Hotel, in Sonoma.  These people know how to have a great time.  Almost every weekend since i have been here, there has been something going on - halloween, thanksgiving, birthdays, christmas, new years, and Nancy and Ann's birthday. I am trying to get more stamina so i can keep up with these revelers.  

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