Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Took the day off from teaching, after yesterday's middle school debacle.  On the spur of the moment, I took the ferry from Vallejo to San Francisco and back. Thought about my aunt Betty Hoyt and decided to have the kind of day she would love.  

Stopped at Panama Red, a coffee shop in the Ferry Building, and got a latte and breakfast sandwich to go, bought a round trip ticket and walked onto the ferry. The scenery was spectacular, as we cruised through the San Pablo Bay into the San Francisco Bay.  I feel like i am in Europe.  We cruised by San Quentin and Alcatraz, and my breath was taken away as I glimpsed the Golden Gate for the first time from the water.  While i was on the ferry, I got a call to work.  What a delightful feeling to be where i cannot get to a job.  Heavy winds made me wish i had brought my scarf and worn my Norwegian wool sweater.  

Met a woman and her mom, who had stayed in the yurt on the Mare Island Preserve the night before, and were going into San Francisco for the day. We started talking as we cruised by Mare Island. It was glorious day.   It made me laugh to think about me and my mom in a yurt.  Unless it was a really exclusive and expensive glamping type of deal, Dorothy would never see the inside of a yurt.  

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