Friday, March 18, 2016

No sub job again today, since it is the day before Spring Break, and the elementary schools have a minimal day schedules.  No matter how ill they feel, teachers don't burn partial days on being sick.  I drove to Berkeley and found a coffee shop near the UC campus.  Snagged a seat in the crowded cafe, on a low sofa in the dark recesses, before moving to a window.  Had an ok panini and a latte that tasted burnt.  Didn't stay too long because I got a call from a friend from Vero.  

After we chatted, I walked down Euclid Avenue and onto the campus.  Wandered along the winding, leafy paths until i found the library.  It had a great coffee shop, the Free Speech Movement, and a gorgeous outside terrace, complete with outlets and wi-fi.  

Had dinner at Ann and Doug's tonight. Once again, I have a new favorite meal.  Doug grilled (!) corned beef, and Ann served blanched purple and green cabbage with hot bacon dressing, and steamed red potatoes.  Nancy made the most delicious banana poke cake for dessert.  Doug served some of his homemade stout, which went perfectly with the beef.  

At lunch the other day, Kate reassured me that the state of flux i am in is temporary, a transition.  I believe her.  

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