Thursday, March 24, 2016

Headed out earlier this morning, down to Panama Bay, in the Vallejo Ferry Terminal Building.  Another gorgeous day in the bay area.  There was a large crowd of spring break travelers, going in to San Francisco for the day.

Spent most of the day writing, and realizing what is good about being in this precarious, uncertain phase of my life.  First of all, i am not depressed.  Every day, i have to wake up and figure out my own life, and i am doing it.  And while i still get anxious and impatient, i have really learned how to manage both, for the most part.  There is room in my day, and space to breathe. I am seeing and doing so many things I never even imagined existed.

Had a long phone conversation with Rose Massa, an old friend and neighbor from Yonkers.  She saw Uncle Jim's obituary in the Herald Statesman, and called to express her condolences.

The Massas and my parents were friends before they had children.  My dad sold them their house in Bryn Mawr Knolls, where Rose still lives.  She was like a sister to my mom, who had left her sisters back in Youngstown, when she moved to New York with my father.  Rose and my mother had so much in common. They were both creative and had an aesthetic flair.  They were adventurous. There were plenty of road trips around the NY metropolitan area where we all ended up lost, on our way to some interesting thing they'd read about in the NY Times.

Rose is 94, and in good health. She is going to be a great grandmother in July.  In 2012, I stopped to see her at her house on Long Beach Island.  It was the next best thing to being in my mom's kitchen. Rose is a fabulous cook, and served seafood pasta in a delicious red sauce, tomatoes and basil from her garden, with mozzarella, crusty Italian bread, and red wine.  We spent the next few days reminiscing, as well as talking about current world and personal events.  I left on my drive north feeling nourished and loved.

Stopped at Mare Island and stretched out in the sunshine on the lawn in front of St. Peter's Chapel.

Chris did his spring planting today.  my view as i wrote this afternoon.  

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