Thursday, March 10, 2016

Felt so much better when i woke up, but not good enough to work a full day.  Hearing my prayer, the substitute teaching gods sent me a job at a school on the way to Napa, in the middle school resource room.  The school secretary is nice, and laughed when i said i got lost.  And then i got lost trying to find the classroom.  Would it be so hard to actually put classrooms in numerical sequential order?

I wandered all over the campus, sticking my head into different classrooms, asking directions. No one seemed to know where it was.  Finally, I stumbled upon the portable, tucked way at the back of the campus. When I arrived, two serious conversations were happening, right in the path to the classroom, so i had to interrupt.  Mrs. M, the para, said she'd be in to be brief me in a moment.

It started out fairly easy, until the fourth period seventh graders came in.  They were horrible.  Several of them opted to be good, once i sent one of the students to the office.  The only girl in the class was the worst.  She mimicked me, told me to fuck off, to shut up, to stop talking to her, to stop looking at her. I kept my mouth shut, breathing deeply and smiling, and that totally pissed her off.

Later, Mrs. M told me she had a horrible home life (no kidding?).  Her older brother was diagnosed with an awful, terminal disease that was supposed to kill him quickly, but he's still alive, and totally over indulged.  Her parents ignore her.

Oh well.  As much as i like this school, I will never sub in this class again.  The conversations I walked into this morning when i arrived were about another sub, who got so furious with the students that she cursed them out and then she cursed out the principal, before she was escorted off campus.  Cautionary tale.

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