Saturday, March 19, 2016

Took a ride through Green Valley to Napa on the Wells Fargo Road.  Gorgeous day.  

This afternoon, I took a couple of bottles over to Richard's, and we sat in the garden.  Katy, Richard's beloved dog who came from Thailand, was bit by a rattlesnake yesterday and is at the UC Davis Vet School Medical Center, getting an anti-venom treatment.  Poor, sweet pup.  Gregory joined us, and we sat amid all kinds of greenery and flowers.  Richard showed me his rose bushes and gave me a bag of a meyer lemons.  He crushed some lemon verbena and i smeared the citrus scent all over my neck and hands.  

Tonight, we ate pizza and watched a documentary, "Ellis", starring Robert DeNiro, followed by a beautiful movie filmed in Austria, called "The Wall", which was intense and allegorical.  

Made it through another beautiful day of uncertainty.   

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