Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Itwas another lovely day Up Bay, as Gregory would say.  There were no parking spaces available when i drove by Nathan's this morning, so i went to the Ferry Terminal, and drank coffee overlooking the harbor.  

The atmosphere was festive as families and commuters lined up to go into San Francisco on this shiny, sunny day.  

I am remembering how grateful i am to be on this adventure, this weird writing retreat full of material.  I am so blessed with loving family and supportive friends.  When i can tame my impatience, I realize that I am where i am supposed to be, learning what i am supposed to learn.

Katy is doing so much better.  Richard said she devoured two bowls of food yesterday before conking out again.  Gregory sent a picture via e-mail and her swollen snout is almost back to its slender self.  

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