Monday, March 14, 2016

My uncle Jim was in a horrible car accident on Friday night.  He was visiting my other uncle in Florida, and went out to dinner with friends.  The man who was driving pulled into traffic and the car was hit by an oncoming SUV.  The driver of the car died. His wife and Jim are in extremely critical condition.

It is so hard to wrap my head around the news, because my uncle Jim is supposed to be indestructible.  He is 86 years old, and still leads an incredibly active life, playing golf, traveling, skiing, and working almost full time, even though he retired as the pastor of the parish he began in Plano, Texas many years ago.

An engineer by training, he became a Catholic priest and then a chaplain in the Air Force, which enabled him to live in far off locations like Alaska, Aviano, and Japan.

When i lived in DC, Jim was stationed at Bolling Air Force Base. We got to see a lot of each other.  I took care of his beloved dog, Bucci, who ran away while staying with me. He stayed away for weeks, even after Jim returned from his Florida trip.  Two weeks after he returned, a woman called him and said she had his dog.  Luckily, Bucci had a tag with Jim's phone number.

He taught me, when i was in first grade, that stories like Adam and Eve were metaphors and parables.

I really thought he was invincible.

I got up and out yesterday, even though i still felt yukky and it was pouring.  The loss of the hour was making me bump into walls.

Took a road trip in the rain, through the hills of Napa. I stopped for lunch at a cafe in a strip mall on route 29, called La Paris ( Lunch was a tri-tip and havarti sandwich on a croissant, followed by their raspberry bread pudding for dessert. heaven.

After lunch, i called Lin, my sister (i just love writing that) from my car. We talked for an hour and forty one minutes. So much to talk about.

This morning, I took a job at an elementary school. I was the art teacher.  The sub coordinator was supposed to call the school to tell them i would be late, since i got the job late. but she didn't.  the school secretaries were not pleased and the copiers were not working right.  I had to push a cart to five different classrooms, getting very lost on the way to the second classroom, which, again, was out of sequence.  It was a rather delightful day, especially because no one told me to fuck off.

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