Thursday, March 17, 2016

No work yesterday, so I went to look at an apartment on Kentucky Street, in Vallejo.  Great street, great view, but the place was too cramped and dark, even though it was a two bedroom. 

Brought vietnamese soup and spring rolls to Kate's house for lunch. We sat in her idyllic pastel pink and green  backyard and chatted, and ate delicious fruit and ginger lemon cookies for dessert.  

This morning, I sat in Nathan's, in my nook, and thought about all the new spurts on my family tree.  I am so touched by the openess of my siblings.  They may be coming out at the end of April.  

Uncle Jim is still running a fever, so no surgery today.  Talked to Lulu this morning. As worried as I am about Jim, I am more worried about her.  She laughed, saying she and Mary Catherine were strong, czech women. Jim opened his eyes when Andy called his name, and smiled when Lulu told him that the parish children said the rosary for him yesterday.  

And i got to talk to my friend and former neighbor from Vero, Tine.  I really miss her! 

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