Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Today i was the special needs kindergarten teacher for seven 5 years olds at another elementary school. They were really cute, and again, it was such a calm difference from my time in middle school last week.  No one curses at me in kindergarten.  The staff is helpful and friendly. The copier worked.  I would definitely go back. Ms. S., the para, was a doll. I ripped things apart for her and made copies.

We had circle time, and then the students did language arts and reading on their i-pads.  The teacher had strep, so it may be a two-day job, not that i am wishing illness on anyone.

Uncle Jim is awake and conscious. He's got many broken bones and they removed his spleen. Lulu and Mary Catherine arrived from Texas to be with him yesterday.  He can't talk because he is intubated, and they need to operate on his neck, to keep him alive.  But he has feelings in his feet. He is supposed to have surgery tomorrow.

Peter, my brother, texted me to let me know that he and his wife told their three children about me.  I am just so amazed and happy at this.

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