Friday, March 11, 2016

Took a job in a different middle school resource room, because i didn't feel like getting an early start.  Middle school starts at 8:30.  Love this office staff. They are so organized, handing out maps and giving clear directions.

When i got to the classroom, there were several kids waiting in the rain, under the overhang.  I introduced myself to them, as i was unlocking the door.  Very kindly, they explained that they weren't my students. they were just hanging out under the overhang where it was dry.

One of the department heads welcomed me and told the students what websites they could go on, and then she left.  The kids did what they wanted.  One cute girl who has been diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, talked to me the whole first and most of the second period.  She comes from a big family and doesn't get much attention.  

Third period was quiet, with only two students, until a delightful seventh grade girl showed up.  J stormed in, cursing at me, and throwing chairs.  I stayed calm and quiet, and welcomed her to class. She told me to shut the fuck up.  She said a few more things before throwing the trash can and storming out.  She stayed gone, which was good for me.

Now i am listening to the sixth graders.  What filthy mouths they have.  I am someone who always loved to swear, especially because I had to be so careful about my language as an elementary school teacher.  I think my cursing might be cured, after listening to these kids talk to each other.

Four sixth grade girls came in during what should have been my planning period, to hang out and talk to each other.  They said i was nice. Most subs, they said, were mean to them.  Jeez, go figure.  Of course I'm nice. I didn't make them do anything.

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