Friday, March 25, 2016

Woke up once again, with no idea as to what i was going to do all day.  So i showered, dressed, and got in my car to see what would happen next.  Drove toward Sausalito, but ended up in Stinson Beach, after a very windy drive through the redwoods in Muir Woods, because there was too much traffic going toward Sausalito.  

Had ok fish tacos in an overpriced eatery between Point Reyes and Stinson Beach, where i stopped as I drove north.  My cousin, Karres, called and we had a nice chat while I sat in my car in the parking lot.  

Drove home through Marin, through more redwoods and green hills, with cows and sheep hanging off. Richard invited me to watch a movie, but i knew that if I went home, I would never go back out again, so i showed up at his house, and we drank red wine in his gorgeous garden.

Katy is doing great, and if you didn't know she got bit by a rattlesnake, you would never know what trauma she had experienced.  She looks completely normal. It is so good to see the pack complete once again. 

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