Sunday, March 6, 2016

Woke up way too early, with the hint of a cold, a runny nose.  

Parked my car on Mare Island, in front of the VA hospital, where i called Peter. We talked for another hour and he shared so much with me. After I talked to Peter, I talked to Lin, for another hour.  We had a great conversation, too.  Finally, though, I had to get off the phone, because the cold was kicking in and my throat was really hurting.  But i am just getting used to the lovely idea that i have a younger sister.  

Got my go-to sick food, hot and sour soup, from China Wok.  The kitchen is being renovated, but we have a microwave, so i heated some up, put on clean pajamas, made some tea, and went back to bed, thinking these new branches of my family tree.  

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