Wednesday, April 27, 2016


My brother and his wife and three children are arriving tonight.  It has been a trying trip due to weather and logistical issues. I am acting patient, but the truth is, i cannot wait to see them all in person.  

This trip has done for me exactly what i hoped it would do, and more. My anxiety and complacency has diminished, and so has my fear.  In the desert on Friday night, I wasn't afraid. I was grateful for my phone and my AAA membership. It was stupid on my part to be in that situation, but I survived. Other than the cars and trucks whizzing by, it was peaceful.  I am really proud of myself for not letting my fear and anxiety overwhelm me and stop me from doing things.  

Anticipation.  I feel like i am waiting for a new baby to arrive, except that baby is a husband and a father of three.  

It is so weird. There is no etiquette for this, how to meet siblings who did not know i existed until February.  

Just texted my sister, Lin, to tell her how excited I am and that i would see her tomorrow.  wow.  

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