Saturday, April 30, 2016

Friday was sunny and warm. We took the ferry from Vallejo into San Francisco, where it was much colder. We spent the day being tourists.  We took a Grey Line bus, and got a glorious tour of SF, including going over the Golden Gate Bridge and back, Fisherman's Wharf, Haight Ashbury, and the Tenderloin. We had lunch at Floating Boat Sushi, where the sushi cruises to you at your seat at the counter, kind of like a reverse buffet, in Chinatown. My nieces and nephew, of course, are brilliant. But they are also a lot of fun to be with.  
Helen is 12, and tall and graceful. She is smart, and according to her dad, full of common sense.  She's athletic and really sweet to her little sister, Emma.  

Emma is six and adorable. She has no teeth, but seven are growing in. In SF, she spent the day counting all the dogs she saw, more than 130.  

Harry is sweet and sensitive, and very intelligent.  At times, i felt like i was conversing with a middle aged man.  

We took cabs back to Fisherman's Wharf, and then walked back to the Ferry Building, and took the ferry back to Vallejo.

We had a cozy evening back at Chris and Nancy's.  I brought pizza home, and Emma had everyone under her spell. 

On Saturday, we drove to Sonoma, with Harry and Lin in my car. Gorgeous day, and our first stop was Stag's Leap (, the vineyard that put California wines on the map in 1976, after a tasting in Paris.  We tasted four divine reds, made from grapes grown right outside the huge floor to ceiling windows.  A few months ago, i had no idea that the word "terroir" even existed, let alone knew what it meant.  There i was, seeing and tasting it first hand. (

We had a leisurely lunch at Mary's Pizza, in Sonoma, and then Shelly and Lin took the kids to the shady plaza, and Pete and I went to taste more wine at the Roche Tasting Room. (

It was surprisingly emotional to say good bye to my family, these people who i just met in person a few days ago. I am still having difficulty with words to describe it all.  Relaxed is a good descriptor.  

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