Sunday, April 10, 2016

Found a new coffee shop on Friday, in Suisun City, called Docks.  Had mint iced tea and a bagel with cucumber, salami, and cream cheese, while i studied.

Poured all day yesterday, so i napped all morning. Met Gregory and Richard at 6, and we went to the Fairgrounds for Barkitecture, the fundraiser for the North Bay Humane Society.  Since it was an 80s theme, Richard and Gregory pulled out their jackets with the rolled up sleeves.  Loretta looked like Cyndi Lauper and Bake was dressed as Don Johnson.  After, since they ran out of food, Richard, Gregory, and I stopped for sushi.

Today is National Siblings Day. In addition to many cousins and friends who have been like siblings to me throughout my life, I am blessed to have six siblings who share half  my DNA.  It is a lot to wrap my head around.  

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