Saturday, April 2, 2016

Got my car washed thoroughly for the first time since Milwaukee.  I am so excited because I picked up a thirteen-day sub job in an elementary special education classroom, which is really the sweet spot when it comes to substitute teaching.  

Thursday, Kate met me at Nathan's and then took me to Mountain Sun Herb Garden, in the hills of Green Valley.  The variety of herbs was boggling, divided up into healing herbs, kitchen herbs, and so many other categories.  After, she drove us by Erikson's Produce Farm, but it doesn't open until June. So we went and had a late lunch at Bab's Diner, in Suisun City, a cute little town where i would be happy to live.  

Since I am working for the next two weeks and three days, I decided to take the ferry into San Francisco today.  Thank goodness I wore my Norwegian fisherman's sweater and my wool scarf, or else i would have frozen on the ferry.  The gorgeous views were absolutely head clearing! 

The ferry is one of my favorite places on earth.  There is so much to see and visitors from everywhere in the world make it a great people watching experience.  

When i got off the ferry, I walked down to Fishermen's Wharf, got a sourdough bread bowl full of delicious clam chowder, and parked myself right near the Blazing Saddles Bicycle Rental place.  Watched as people from all over the world got on bikes and took off to explore the area around fishermen's wharf.  After lunch, i took a street car up Market Street, as far as would go, passing the Haight and the Castro, neighborhoods I had read about, living back east.  I sat quietly and listened as people who knew the city gave tours to visiting relatives traveling on the street car.  

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