Sunday, May 29, 2016

Had breakfast at Gracie's, out on the patio.  Had a great time visiting with my friend, Jane, and her family at their place in the Sunset district of  San Francisco last night. Once again, I got goosebumps as i drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. Jane's niece graduated from high school, and her sister turned 60.  It was a wonderful celebration, but it felt like we only spent five minutes with each other, even though i stayed for three hours.

On the way, I stopped at a deli near 17th Avenue, a few blocks from Jane's sister's.  There was a man who appeared to be dead on the sidewalk, but i didn't have a chance to help, because the proprietor came out and yelled at me, saying that emergency services had been called. Picked up some sunflowers and sparkling wine, and averted my eyes on my way out.

Ann and Doug had a slew of people over to their beautiful house for a Memorial Day celebration.  It was a blast.  They provided the meat, and everyone brought side dishes and dessert.  Of course, as always, the meat was spectacular. Doug used to be a butcher, and he was grilling ribs, plump burgers stuffed with bleu cheese, brats, and tri-trip.  

Richard's creme brulee was a huge hit.  

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