Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Didn't sub yesterday morning. Stopped by to see Richard and Gregory, and rehash the birthday party.  We sat out on their balcony, overlooking the street, where the dogs have a great view of the neighborhood.  Waved to the neighbors and got my fix of grown up talk, before heading over to tutor.

I was dreading the ride on route 37, but traffic moved quickly and I didn't have a student for a couple of hours, so I drove up to Petaluma and saw the gorgeous old houses on D Street.  Set up my computer at Starbucks and watched the people passing by outside on the sidewalk.  I ended up being stood up by the student i was supposed to see. 

I spent this morning looking through the 2,000 photos that my brother, Pete, put on a thumb drive and sent to me.  There are photos of several generations, but the ones that are really special are the ones of my mother and her twin sister when they were children, as well as the ones of my mother when she was around the age she was when she had me.  It is really special to see photos of all of my siblings as they've grown up. 

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