Sunday, May 8, 2016

Friday, I drove to Novato, 22 1/2 miles away from Vallejo, but on single lane route 37, it can sometimes take an hour plus.  This was my first tutoring assignment, and i worked with two brothers, a second grader and a fifth grader, who were struggling readers.  Such sweet and respectful boys, but i felt like i was torturing them with more work, after they had been working in school all week. They were as cooperative as they could be, but one hour and fifteen minutes for each student, on a Friday night is all that any of could tolerate.  Their mom doesn't speak much English, so the fifth grader translated. She has a new baby, born a month ago.On Saturday, I saw them again. Everyone was fresh from a good night's sleep.  

Saturday night, we celebrated Jean's birthday.  Chris grilled delicious London Broil, and made the most amazing marinated mushrooms to go with it. Nancy made a beautiful salad and the moistest white cake i have ever tasted, which her sister, Ann, frosted. 

Today is Mothers' Day.  I got the apostrophe right on that one, because i have more than one mother.  My mother, Helen, gave me life, and my mother, Dorothy, gave me a life filled with love.  I think both of my mothers would have liked each other, because, from what i know about both of them, they had a lot in common, besides me. 

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