Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Had two fun days in second grade at Cleo Gordon Elementary, another one of my favorite schools.  Did my usual comedy routine to establish dominance.  The poor teacher had pneumonia.  Most of the kids were well behaved. Two weren't.

Took a leisurely drive to Novato, where I met with a studious fifth grade girl at the main branch of the public library. She was sweet and compliant.  We sat out in the atrium, surrounded by the smell of wisteria. 

As i posted earlier, I finally got a legal medical marijuana card last week.  It is a surreal feeling to be able to buy pot legally.  I went to a dispensary in downtown Vallejo, Releaf, and filled out all the forms and gave them my id and card from the doctor. My budtender, Ryan, a very laid back young man, helped me navigate the different choices - edibles, drinks, flower, concentrate, tinctures.  I left with six joints, different types, including two sativas, two indicas, and two hybrids.  Eventually, i will grow my own, so i want to test different strains.  Pot has helped me, over the years, with my headaches, severe chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.  

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