Sunday, May 1, 2016

Started the day at Java Jax, in downtown Vallejo, for coffee, a bagel, lox, and cream cheese for breakfast.  Kate picked me up around noon, and we drove out to the end of Green Valley Road in Napa, to meet Richard, Gregory, Loretta, and Bake at their friend, Bruce's property.  

Several years ago, a woman sold 1,000 acres of glorious green land in wine country to eighteen gay guys, in order to piss of her neighbors, as the story goes.  Every year, the men, who have built glorious houses on the property, have a big party to celebrate May Day.  Hundreds of people show up to picnic and watch canoe races.  All kinds of people showed up, including young families with children and dogs.

Richard organized our spot and brought delicious, juicy fried chicken with a cayenne kick.  Cynthia made delicious potato salad. Gregory made roasted red potatoes accompanied by a red pepper dip. Bake made savory pancakes with a green pepper dip. Loretta made "darn good chocolate cake" and it was.  Kate made "awfully good brownies." and they were.  

We spent the afternoon, under shady trees, chatting and watching the parade of people pass by.  A mariachi band serenaded us.

Late in the afternoon, we walked to one of the houses with a wine cellar.  The owner and his partner make wine.  They also own a beautiful black poodle.  A year ago, when i had to put my beloved Mimi to sleep, I did not think i would survive.  But yesterday, when i saw this gorgeous  poodle prancing in and out of the water, my heart filled with so much joy and i felt mimi sending me a message.  

So we drank some of the wine, which tasted good.  But i would buy a bottle because the label was a pen and ink drawing of Annabel, their delightful poodle.  

The ride back down the hill was spectacular, especially because of the cows, one of whom would not move out of the way.  

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