Saturday, May 14, 2016

Thursday, I had a lovely laughing lunch at Kate's before I had to make the trek across 37 to tutor.  Her sister is visiting from Oregon, and we sat in the backyard and ate a lovely tuna salad with apples and arugula that she said she just threw together. 

Lunch conversation out here is so much fun.  the conversation today was psychotropic drugs like mushrooms and Meg's very cool three-legged dog.  

I answered an ad for a writing job at a Buddhist retreat called the Pristine Mind.  I think there is great promise at a place like this to be the setting of a dramady I am eventually going to write.  No matter how mindful a place it is, people are people.  Colleagues are colleagues.  there is drama in any office setting.  It sounds very peaceful, though, after being an elementary school teacher.  

One of the brothers I tutor, the fifth grader, talked to me about Donald Trump today. He was very angry at all the bad things Trump says, especially about people from Mexico, which is where his family is from.  Here is this child, who speaks two languages, who lives in a three bedroom apartment with two other families, who is mature beyond his years. He asked me why Donald Trump hates Mexicans so much.  He and his friends talked about shooting him, and i explained to him that violence was not the answer.  

Drove back from Novato and got stuck in traffic, but made it, and only fashionably late to Richard and Gregory's birthday celebration, a barbeque outside in the garden at their house, with two cakes. Burgers and hot dogs and so much other delicious food was served in the garden shed, which had been transformed into a twinkling bohemian paradise for the night, with colorful hanging sheets and lights strewn about.  

Gregory                                             Richard and Kate

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