Monday, May 2, 2016

Took today off from subbing. Had an early lunch at Gracie's, in downtown Vallejo. Stopped at Safeway for provisions for the week, before heading over to Loretta's, where Gregory was showing and selling his gorgeous jewelry.

Yesterday's picnic was delightful.  Richard went early and organized our spot, under a thatch of shady trees, where we could watch the passing parade of all kinds of people at this annual May Day celebration in the hills of Napa.  The food was delicious - fried chicken made by Richard; Alice Waters' potato salad made by Cynthia; roasted red potatos with a red pepper dipping sauce made by Gregory; Savory pancakes and green dip made by Bake; Loretta made "darn good chocolate cake," and Kate made "awfully good brownies," and both lived up to their names.  We were serenaded by a mariachi band and watched a canoe race.

Late in the afternoon, we walked to one of the houses, where the owners were serving their wine.  They happened to own the most beautiful poodle, who looked just like Mimi.  A year ago, almost to the day, I had to put my sweet girl down, and I thought it would kill me.  I didn't think i could survive the sadness of losing my best friend.

But yesterday, when I arrived, this little black poodle was one of the first things I saw, as she scurried out of the lake and shook herself off, and then gamboled happily on the hillside.  I felt like my sweet girl was sending me a message that she was happy and that i should be happy, too.  The owners of the vineyard put this little black poodle's picture on their bottles.

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