Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tuesday, I picked up a two-day job subbing for a third grade teacher who had to go to training.  It is unusual for me to get to meet the teacher, but she was there, in her classroom when i got their tuesday morning, so we chatted a bit.  She's getting her masters in leadership.  I helped her set up a blog for one of classes after school, and we got to talking.  She told me that this was her last year at this school. She commutes from Lake County every day, at least a three hour drive, because that's where she can afford to live.  That is also where the big fire was last fall, and she and her family lost everything.  But she comes to school and is so kind and warm and loving to her students, who, she said, have really difficult lives, much more difficult than hers. Just hearing her say that made the next day so much easier with the kids, because I was even more kind than i normally am.  She said that since they are sweet and kind, and willing to show up every day, so is she.  

Also got my list of ten students for tutoring.  Each student needs 8.5 hours of tutoring before June 9th, the last day of school in Novato, California.  

This morning, I picked up another two day job in a middle school special education classroom, which i have sworn off of, but these kids were good.  The teacher left no plans, so i am winging it, which i am good at.  

Saw a doctor after school today in order to get my medical marijuana card.  Went directly to one of the fifteen dispensaries located in Vallejo, called Releaf.   It feels good to be legal.  

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