Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Yesterday, I walked with Richard and his dogs at Hahn's Park. It was a gorgeous day. But i am so out of shape. I am not going to get discouraged. What i am going to do is to walk every day, and eventually, it won't hurt.  Richard walked slowly, for him, and i could still barely keep up my end of the conversation.  That will change. 

Nancy said yesterday that it is important to have a goal.  My goal is to be able to walk with Richard and Gregory and be able to keep up my end of the conversation.

Last year was my year to get out of Vero, open my mind, and see new places.  This year is my year to become physically fit and healthy.  There is a lot to live for.

This morning, Richard took me to Crockett, a town tucked into the hills and home of the CH Sugar Plant. After the walk, we drove into Port Costa, a little town that time seemed to forget.  We stopped at the Burlington Hotel, because we smelled coffee and juice. The place wasn't open to the public, but the owners offered to make us some french roast.  

Had breakfast at Nathan's, where Daniel is a media star, after Bernie Sanders' visit last week.  He had on blue today, down to his artfully done toe nails. 

The fifth grade girl I am tutoring introduced me to a really good book that we are reading together - The Julian Chapter.  I forgot how much i love to read and to be read to.  

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