Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lovely day! Had breakast at 1801 First, the inn in Napa where Richard works five days a week, and Gregory works the other two. Richard served us a delectable meal, with watermelon, cantaloupe, and berries in a light lime syrup, croque monsieur on rustic whole grain bread that had been dipped in an egg wash, accompanied by tomatoes cooked in wine and vinegar. the coffee, from Moschetti, was strong and steaming.  He also served us the most delicious hand made truffles for dessert.  

After breakfast, Audrey, the concierge, took us on a tour of the place. We saw the carriage house, which is the exquisite honeymoon suite, with a deep tub, walk in shower, sitting area, patio, two way fireplace, and airy ceilings.  It is bigger than my apartment.  

After Richard finished cleaning up, we drove out to the Hess Collection and Winery, to see the incredible art collection, three floors of modern art open to the public, and FREE!

After we wandered through, we sat in the garden, under a wisteria arbor, and had a glass of chardonnay, while we contemplated joining their wine club.  

Spent a gratifying afternoon, puttering and putting things away.  Stretched out on my new yoga mat. Reveled in preparing dinner, for the first time in my new place.  

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