Monday, June 6, 2016

Sat in my new backyard, under the massive lemon tree.  Managed to bring over a couple of loads of my stuff, but i am not rushing.  Yesterday, Nancy and Ann came by. They have great ideas, and they will spur me on.  Loretta came over yesterday, too, with a sweet pot of succulents.  

These days, my life feels charmed. It is a relief to be able to stretch out. i am looking forward to continuing this healing journey in place.  

Last night, i stopped at Mi Pueblo, the amusement park of a grocery store that Chris took me to the night I arrived in Vallejo. When i got inside, i became overwhelmed with gratitude.  Everyone is giving me stuff for my apartment.  Tomorrow, I'm moving into my place, with not just his help, but the help and belongings of my west coast framily.

It seems fitting that I stop here, since it's just a few blocks from where I'll be living. Once inside, I got overwhelmed with gratitude to him, Nancy, Ann SlaydonDoug SlaydonGregory WhitfieldKate Rothrock, and all my new friends here, who have helped me in my readjustment here in CA. But I would not be standing here, listening to mariachi music in my new grocery store if it weren't for my incredible east coast friends who kept me afloat, until I found my proper latitude....make new friends, but keep the old ....

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