Thursday, June 9, 2016

Today was the last day of tutoring. No more two hour commutes. Mistaken, I thought it was yesterday, and administered three tests. It wasn't until this morning that i remembered a fourth student.  It took my second grade boy student an hour and a half to get through the post test.  The kindergartners both got 100% on their tests, and i was very surprised that one of them did so well, considering she barely speaks English.  

The drive was reasonably enjoyable, sunny, lots panoramic views.  But I am looking forward to being out of my car, and to taking walks around my new city.  Traffic was terrible, but i could bear it, knowing it would be my last time dealing with it for a while.  

Spent a few hours this morning at my new place, hanging clothes in the closet. Opened the windows and aired the place out. Kate stopped by and brought me a vase full of flaming red gladioli. we sat under the lemon tree and chatted

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