Sunday, July 23, 2017

O Canada - Part IV

Sunday, August 2, 2015

No check again. After another melt down that wasn’t too dramatic and didn’t last that long, I focused, once again, on the rehabilitative aspects of my situation. 

This is a happy town. I am safe where I am parked. Music is everywhere. People are really nice. Yesterday morning there was a festive farmers market, although that was tortuous to walk through without money.  I haven’t eaten anything of substance since Wednesday night. 
Today, the park is swarming with children running around in their bathing suits, although Floridians would consider this a winter day. Birthday parties are going on as the breeze blows gently. This is my own drive-in movie. 

Last night, I finished reading “Carsick,” John Waters’ account of his hitchhiking trip from Baltimore to San Francisco.  Love it, but he did it in two weeks, and he had two assistants backing him up at home base, who insisted that he carry a GPS. He never used it, but it was there.

There a many people I know who would be appalled by the way I have spent the past week, but they are not me. This has been better than any meditation center or monastery retreat. 

Charlie Carter was right when he said to remember that the US is actually a lot bigger than it looks on a map.  Now I get what that means.  The only thing that will ruin this adventure is if I listen to the not so well meaning voices in my head.

A couple of my friends have offered me cash, but it won’t hit until tomorrow anyway, and by then the check should be in the bank.
To keep myself on an even keel, I have been playing a game with myself called “It’s not as bad as…”

This situation is not as bad as …

Having to watch my dad’s descent into dementia;

Having to ask my dad’s doctor to admit him to hospice;

Having to carry my mom to the toilet when she was a few days away from dying from pancreatic cancer;

Breaking my leg;

Getting kidney cancer;

Going to jail;

Being married to my ex-husband;

Food poisoning;

Being depressed;

Neck surgery;

Gall bladder surgery;

A stroke;

Interacting with my ex brother;

Burying my parents and my dog;
Being hit by a car;

Getting into a car accident;

Teaching under disrespectful administrators who seem to live to make teachers’ and students’ lives miserable. 

So I can be patient until tomorrow...

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