Monday, July 24, 2017

O Canada - Part V

Monday, August 3, 2015

Shit, no check. I cannot believe this. It is a test, right?
I’m still keeping myself entertained and reasonably sane. Wish I had done a time lapse video of just how I did it.  Reading “Blue Highways” has helped.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Apparently, my philosophy of life in a sentence is "Why make it easy when it can be hard?"  My family crest includes a crown of thorns, a hair shirt, and a picture of Job. 

The check finally came and was deposited but won’t be available until tomorrow. So I pawned my i-pad. Kristy, the pawn broker, asked me questions and I sobbed out answers and sloppy tears.  “Wow,” she remarked, “you are really living on the edge.”

So here I sit in a café called Joey’s, sipping hot tea at real table, sitting in a real chair. The friendly server brought me onion soup, Caesar salad, and spinach dip with naan chips.

The server told me that the college nearby has a pool, so I checked it out.  Didn’t swim, but I did take a shower, my first since I arrived in Sackville.  I am so ready to get out of here in the morning. 

Harrowing is the word that keeps rolling around my mind, one way of describing this trip.  And it has also been extremely beneficial. My mind is slowing down.  I remembered how resourceful I am. I have confronted some very unpleasant truths about myself, and others. It is not fun putting the puzzle pieces back together. I am hoping I can leave all this mental garbage in the dumpster and lighten my load.

This is freedom. With the exception of a few bills, I don’t owe anyone anything. My life is my own, to do what I want, even if it is living in my car for six days in a beautiful place. 

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