Monday, July 24, 2017

O Canada - Part VI

Went to the ATM and back to the pawn shop and got my i-pad from Kristi.  She called her friend, Danny, a local cab driver, who came and picked me up.  He helped me get a can of gas and then jump started my car. He sent me off with instructions not to turn off the car. “Just get to the Esso,” he said. “John will know what to do.” And John did.
As john was filling my tank, he asked me about my week in Sackville. I said that I couldn’t believe my luck, ending up here, amid so many friendly people. 

John laughed and said that if I was really lucky, I would have ended up in Nova Scotia, where someone would have taken me in on my first night. “That’s how friendly they are there,” he laughed.

I felt so ashamed in Canada, and berated myself. But it was compartmentalized. I would wig out for a half an hour or so, and then go about my day. I had to or else I would have ended up really going off the rails. I had to keep going.

Now I see why everything happened the way it did. It wasn’t the trip I thought it would be at the beginning. But it was an amazing trip.  Every day, I experienced at least one moment of intense joy, looking at terrain I had never seen before.

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